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 How to Find My Online Store

If you are on my Facebook page, click on the link that says “Shop Now”. If on my blog, Wallflower Greetings, select the link located on the right navigation menu that says: “Shop My Online Store”. Either way, you will be directed to my online store through Stampin’ Up.

Once there, You should see my name, Becky Browning and a Contact Me link in the upper right corner. Select the link that says “Shop Now”. See screen shot below.

Becky Browning Online Store

This will open in a new tab (if you use Internet Explorer) that has a listing of everything by catalog, category, etc. You can also do a search for particular products.  See screen shot below.

2. screen shot

Retiring Products and Availability

You should find a link on the left hand side that says “Retiring Products”. Choose that link and it will take you to all the products and their availability. See screen shot below.

3. screen shot

Adding an Item to Your Shopping Bag

Select your first item you wish to purchase. This will open the item description. Select the link “Add to bag” located below the item description. See screen shot below.

4. screen shot

Once you do that, you will get a popup that gives you a choice to continue shopping or view your shopping bag. See screen shot below.

5. screen shot

Using a Hostess Code

If ordering from a party, class, virtual class or club. You will be provided with a hostess code. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO USE THIS CODE so that the hostess can earn free products based on sales. This could be you!! So that you do not forget to use the code, select the link that says “View Shopping Bag”.

This will take you to your shopping bag and the summary of your order so far. Look for an edit field that says: “Do you have a host code? Enter it here and click apply.” This will be found below your order summary on the left hand side. See screen shot below.

6. screen shot

Enter the code that was given to you and select apply.

Now you have the option to checkout, save your shopping bag for later, or continue shopping.

To Continue Shopping

If you would like to continue shopping, select the link in the upper right had corner that says “Continue Shopping”. It is located right below my name. This will take you back to the item you just selected.

Checkout and Signing in or Creating an Account

Continue to add items to your bag. When you are done shopping, select “view shopping bag”. Review items in your bag and make edits as needed. When satisfied with your order, select the link “Checkout”.

This will take you to a page where you can sign in if you have a returning customer or checkout as a guest. You can create an account at that time. See screen shot below.

9. screen shot

Contact Me for Help

I hope that you found this helpful. I appreciate your business. It is a pleasure to serve you. If you have questions or need assistance placing an order, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Becky Browning









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