Crafty Organization Challenge 2020

Hello crafty peeps. I am working on new goals. Not resolutions, goals. Resolutions are easily broken because it is a good intention, a nice idea with no commitment or plan of action. If you have set a goal of getting more organized this year and have a particular space in mind, then let’s do it together and learn from each other.


Share any tips, products, ideas, homemade DIYs, just anything regarding organization. It doesn’t even have to be your crafting supplies. You can talk about your pantry organization, or any other part of your home.


  1. This is a Facebook Challenge, so first, go to my page at Wallflower Greetings and hit the like button. Under the Following tab, change the settings so that you see “all” posts.
  2. Then, write a POST (NOT A COMMENT) about anything related to organization, such as your goals, struggles, successes, good finds, homemade ideas, progress, etc.
  3. In your post, be sure to use #craftyorganizationchallenge2020. You must include the hashtag for easy search-ability and to be entered into the prize drawing. Multiple posts mean multiple chances to win!


The challenge will end March 1, 2020. All posts THAT USE THE HASHTAG will be entered into a prize drawing.

Let’s see your creative organization skills!!!

Have fun,
Becky B.

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