Flood in South Texas

Hello, friends!

This post is very different from my usual upbeat, crafting posts. As many of you know, South Texas is taking a beating from Hurricane Harvey.  Even though Harvey is no longer a hurricane but a tropical storm, tons of rain is being dumped on the south coastal area of Texas into Louisiana. In particular, Houston and surrounding counties are drowning in water, and rainfall in predicted to continue through next Wednesday. This post is just to send love and prayers to those affected. Please join me! Also, if you would like to donate to the cause, I have posted some links below.

You can help those affected by Hurricane Harvey by making contributions through any of these charities:

I also understand that Apple is providing a couple of ways to donate as well. See the article below.

You can donate to Harvey storm relief through Apple’s App Store and iTunes

Blood donations are also needed. Donate locally through Carter Blood Care.

Displaced animals are also in need of assistance. SPCA of Texas is taking donations of dog and cat food, cat litter, litter boxes, towels, treats, toys and newspaper.

May God bless all!

Becky B.

One thought on “Flood in South Texas

  1. Cathy Whatley

    Hi Becky! It was very sweet of you to share this information about the disaster in Texas, and the info. on where to donate as well. We all have family or friends who were affected by this event, or at least know someone who does. It is very heartening to see the people helping people down there…it has helped to revive my faith in humanity, which had been lacking recently. The bravery and kindness shown to others during such a tragedy has warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. We can love each other after all! Thank you to all who have helped, whether in action, by donation, or by saying prayers. And, God Bless all who are affected by this!
    Just FYI….Samaritan’s Purse is also a great place to donate, not only dollars, but they are looking for volunteers to actually come down and help….now, and for the months to come.
    For more information, go to SamaritansPurse.Org
    Love ya, Mom
    Texan, born and raised!


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